Minton2: What's she done with Lyons? With Troy?  Frost: Conwideirng how easily she bitchslapped those robots--almost anything. You realize most of our present technology derives from her duplicate's brainstorms?  We're screwed.Mindmistress: Frost. Minton. You're scared. Justifiably.  Lyons' fine. He had a shock--he's lying down.  The young autistic male?  Troy? He's solving...puzzles.  Stop trying to send me to Gitmo.

Mindmistress: You've been lucky so far. 'Koschei's eraser' is just one schematic out of thousands--named, but its function unexplained.  Minto: Is there a defense?  Frost: Sooner or later--someone'll build it.No defense I can find. I was just looking at the schematics in the database.  One the ever-widening wave is activated...all matter turns into undetectable dark matter.

Let's leave Troy to his puzzles--while we try to figure out a plan of action.Mindmistress: The longer we wait...the greater the chance of someone triggering an accidental apocalypse.



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