Nikki: Okay, Boxer--what's the point?  Boxer: You wanted to see if Mindmistress existed. You wanted to see what the world would be--if her technology was shared.  Now you see.

Nikki: Yeah. I see a world tottering on the brink between anarchy or mind contorl--with no middle ground.  I've met myself on the 'road not taken'--and it creeps us both out. Boxer: Point being--?

I suppose there're other worlds where 'I've met my dream lover--or become a billionaire--or won the Nobel Peace prize.  But none of them are me--not really.Nikki: Nothing makes me happy. Ever.  Even that pinhead Lorelei seems happy... Boxer: You'd be surprised. No matter how many miracles you're granted--we can't make you  Nikki: Ouch.



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