Bowman: The human race numbered a million then---mostly in Equatorial Africa. The 'volcanic winter' decimated their food supplies--prey and wild fruits.  Many starved, or were killed by starving predators.Bowman: The deathrate skyrocketed.  Genetic testing indicates that human DNA is much more homogenous than other primates, like chimps.  As if we passed through a genetic bottleneck--which few survived.

Bowman: Many scientists think the Toba explosion was that genetic bottleneck. That at most twenty thousand--at the minimum, two thousand--survived. They're our ancestors--the few who escaped near-extinction.Bowman: At most, one in fifty survived.  Maybe just one in five hundred.  The less lucky--left nodescendents--just bleached bones. Bloodlust (Caption): Yes! The rush of surviving--when most didn't.



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