Bloodlust (Caption): Okay.  If I have to fight someone--at least I'll be well-armed. If Mindmistress is behind those flying robots--she won't take me easily.  Bloodlust is back in town, baby!Bloodlust (Caption): Wow.  That's where Bowman was staying?  The remors demolished it. Dr. Archer: Dan, Dan, don't panic--we'll get you help...pinned.  Can't move-- Bloodlust (Capt.): Take a minute to check them out.

Dr. Archer: There's still circulation in your legs and lower torso--but we have to get that beam moved.  Bowman: *Ungh* The bag...the bag.  It's...supposed to be for emergencies, right?Dr. Archer: Strange clothes and a remote?  Not the sort of emergency she envisioned, surely?  Bowman: *Urgh* You'd be...surprised...what she envisions. Click the button... Bloodlust (Capt.): Not my problem.  I'm outta here.

Dr. Archer: Eyahhh!! You're...burning?  Bowman:  No.  I'm feeling no pain.  I'm just...changing.  It's my...only chance.  Bloodlust (Capt.): Whoa. Oddest way to commit suicide ever.  Stupid ex-Hollywood ex-stars can't even die unflashily.



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