Mindmistress: There they are--about to fly over Lake Toba.  Perfect. If I can find Steed.  Bloodlust: Uh huh.  Why Steed?  Mindmistress: Can you distract them for a few minutes?  Bloodlust: Sans suicide?Mindmistress: Chaos. You thrive on it, right?  That all talk, no action?  Figures. Bloodlust: Yeah, Yeah.  I see what you're doing.  Mindmistress: Oh.  Really.  Bloodlust: Challenging my manhood?  My skill?  Mindmistress: Can't fool you.

Unstop2: So...you think this is Florida?  Could be.  Hey, Alvin!  Maybe we could go to Disneyland-- heyy!!  Unstop1/Alvin: Him again?  He can't hurt us---but boy, is he annoying!  Well...Unstop1/Alvin: ...I'm about to stomp me an armored, shiny red beetle!  Bloodlust: These things treat a missile strike like a mosquito bite.  No wonder Mindmistress left. She's too freakin' smart to stay.



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