Alvin/Unstop1: What's going on? Vicki: Uh oh. Out of here. I'll be back. Bloodlust: Eep. Bloodlust (Caption): Strong. Scary strong. Unbelievably, ridiculously storng. It reached through a solid wall like a bayonet through butter.Alvin/Unstop1: I thought I saw a light or somethin' down here--anyway, you've now got a window. Ths way you can see the others when they finally come up.  Bloodlust: Are they near?

Alvin/Unstop1 (Caption): Sure they are. 'Bout thirty-three miles donw. But they encountered a huge stream of lava goin' pretty they piled two mountain-sized masses together to club up on.Bloodlust: Two...moutnains...together?  Alvin/Unstop1: For us? Easy.  Fact, if'n I hadn't learned over months how to use my boots''d be a crushed paste on me...that light... Bloodlust (Caption): Finally she returns.



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