Percy: Oh,Cripes. I hoped you were crazy... Mindmistress: Watch out for image-overlapping hands coming from the, Psalm Pilot, give me more words in our destination dimension's main language...Pilot: Okay, but my database is from the last century...the language might've changed...Percy: *Gibberish Mindmistress: *Gibberish*  Airek: Aieeeeiiee!! Savages! Glynnhail: Or Magicians, Airek...

Percy: *unintelligible Mindmistress: *More unintelligible* Sir and Madame... Airek: Wow. I haven't heard anyone speak in that dialect since my great-grandfather... Mindmistress:...But we need directions.MM: Gibberish Pilot: More gibberish Airek: Nice crystal ball.

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