Spokeswoman for the Triad: Since our time-sight goes no further, we must resign our timeless post... Zeammon: But why does your time-sight end? Mindmistress: There are only two possibilities... Spokeswoman: Right. Either that being is more adept than we at manipulating the time-stream...or it's the end of time itself.Spokeswoman: If the latter, it may be tied to your locket, Lady Sophia, Mistress of Minds--that your grandfather gaving you before his exile...saying the fate of existence is bound in that locket. Mindmistress: This?

Mindmistress: It's true my grandfather, the Lord Temporal, gave me the locket just before he went 'slow'---sentenced to experiencing life a thousandfold slower than the rest of us---for his dictatorial rule, his control of time, that only my father broke.Mindmistress: He did ask me to guard the locket---just before you three took up guardianship of the time lines he once controlled with an iron hand...saying he would think of no better guardian.  Spokeswoman: We cannot see all of the Lord Temporal's doings---but we can see how special the locket is.
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