Therthes: I was hoping the open air market in These'ens...the foods...the live music...and live drama...would lift your spirits.  Mindmistress: Thanks. It usually does...things are just too weird now.Mindmistress: Look! In the pool---my reflection---isn't me! It's the girl I was trying to remember---do you see her too? Thethes: Yes. I do. Mindmistress: What's happening---?

Mindmistress: Her smile...does it seem...vacant? you? There is something---wrong--with her. So wrong, I don't even have a name for it...I'm afraid...Mindmistress: Why am I so afraid of her? It's not just the impossibility of her being in my reflection---it's her, herself. As if she were a bottomless abyss into which I could slide and be lost---forever---
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