Vicki (Caption): She finished her twelve books between midnight and four A.M.---but her mind kept straying to the idea of a fantasy world---the experience the other night was both exhilerating---and frustrating.  What kind of fantasy world might she create--? She found, weeks later, that she misremembered two words of one book---and forgot an entire sentence of another. That was once---unthinkable.  She was that distracted.Vicki (Caption): When she awoke, as Lorelei, from the two hours of sleep she had---it was from a fading dream of being an Elvish archer and chief.  Lorelei: Wow. What a weird dream...

Mr. Hardy: Got any plans for the long holiday weekend, Lorelei?  Lorelei:  Yeah...relax.  My Dad an' his wife are goin' to Hawaii---they offered to take me, but three's a crowd an' all that... even L.A., who sometimes checks on me, is taking her daughter to the seashore....I'm going to kick back, eat junk, and watch bad movies...Vicki (Caption): So when she got home, she changed to MM, then... Mindmistress: Okay, some people visualize more complex and complete fantasy worlds than others...Frank Herbert's Dune Series, Tolkien's Middle-Earth, Austin Tappan Wright's Islandia...what kind of fantasy world could I envision? How complex could I make it? What would it be like--?  Vicki (Caption): Again:  Famous. Last. Words.


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