Vicki: Well, at least things are back to normal. Mindmistress: 'Normal'. Great. Vicki: Wh-what's wrong?Mindmistress: In Athea, I was gifted among equals. I had a lover and a child. People I could talk to, relate to---works of art that spoke to me. I had a place. Here---I'm a freak. Alone. Unique. Vicki: But--but Athea wasn't real? Mindmistress: Wasn't it?

Mindmistress: Mindmistress: If this poor world is's a dim echo of the world I imagined...the world I a part of.  Is 'reality' so precious...that it's worth the...aching loneliness? Vicki: It wasn't real. Mindmistress: Yet part of that 'unreality' almost ended the 'real' world---or didn't you notice?


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