Cartelmember1: Sir, I know he's your brother's killer--I know you told us to kill him. We all tried--but he's--bullets--knives--nothing pierces his skin.  Nothing hurts him.Cartelmember1: We're bringing him to you. You'll decide--what, sir?  No--he has superhero-tough skin--but his strength's normal.  He's tied up.  He can't pop unbreakable claws like a comic-book Wolverine.

Cartelmember2: Look out!  He's loose! Cartelmember1:  What? How?? Impervious: Fingernails.  Not as long, but uncuttable--as sharp--unbreakable--as Wolverine's claws. Now... Cartelmember3: Ow!  Cartelmember4: Unghh!! Cartelmember5: Aieee!! Cartelmember1: Enough is enough.  We're still failry low...Cartel member1: You're half a superman--invulnerable, but not super-strong...let's see how well you fly!! Impervious: Wait! No!!




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