Lyons (caption): I always thought I could do anything---if I put my mind to it.  ---From Wall Street---to the boardroom.  Board member: ---Profits up significantly.  Lyons: Next order of business, gentlemen?Lyons (Caption): I'm one of the pillars of Atlanta's economy. I'm a name in national and international circles.  I've dined with heads of state...golfed with captains of industry...successful by any standard.

Lyons (Caption): I live ina  beautiful, spacious house...nothing I set my mind to stopped me... Lorelei (off-stage): Hey, Daddy... Lyons: Hi, Lorelei! Lorelei (off-stage) Thought I'd come by and check on the dogs-- Lyons (Caption): --Except my own daughter's...mind. I hired the best teachers. Tried everything. I didn't want to believe.  Lorelei: 00And I had to shower off the dog poop smell.  Lyons (Caption): Believe it.></a></td></tr></TABLE><br></center><br>
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