Lorelei: Oh, hi, Daddy...yeah, I'm fine...yeah, it was...okay...at work today...no I don't miss the group home...yeah, I'm writin' in my jounral, every night, practisin' writin'...just like the teacher asked... Lorelei (Caption): Jurnal: Pur dady. I luv him, but he wories 2 much. He treets me like a little gurl, sumtimes.Lyons: Well, I'm glad, Lorelei. I worry about you living by yourself. You don't need to live by yourelf or in a group home. You could live at home...with your mother and me...

Lorelei: Daddy, she's your new wife...and I like her, and I'm happy for you--but she's not my mother. Daddy, I love you--but I like livin' on my own...and I think I'm ready.Lorelei: Y'know, I wish I got along with people as well as I do with animals...people accept animals for what they are. No one expects you to be more than you are...no one pities you--or makes fun of you---or calls  you 'special' in a way that hurts you. They enjoy you for what you can do---not wish for more.