(A four-page interlude between storylines...)
page 3

Between clavicle and cleavage, one of Mindmistress' greatest tools is housed. The breastplate is actually a sensory simulator/stimulator. Beneath the breastplate, is advanced circuitry connected to her helmet. She can affect others' sensory centers in their brains. Mindmistress found humans share a common 'visual language' deep in their minds. With this, she can impose impages and illusions on anyone.By projecting her own mental image into others' brains, she has appeared as...a male elderly entire SWAT team...or, most usefully, totally unseen. This of  course will not fool cameras and the like...usually the illusions are temporary, but if MM feels it necessary, they can be made permanent. ...Just ask Anansi Webb.

When the armor is taken off, it's 'standby mode' is to be unseen, and watching over Lorelei when she's asleep. A small computer takes over control of the exoskeeto, with very specific instructions.If an intruder enters her bedroom...the armor is pre-programmed to break the legs...then if they don't retreat, the helps Lorelei to sleep without worry.



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