Nikki: Night.  It's my time.  Your too, if you're listening to me--live.  Radio.  Podcast. It doesn't matter. It's a warm night in downtown Atlanta. Nights hide secrets...urban myths.Nikki: Most regions have their own local legends--Springheeled Jack in Nineteenth-century England--New Jersey's Jersey Devil-- West Virginia's Mothman--Tennessee's Bell Witch-- Roswell. Loch Ness. Winchester House.  Legends everywhere.

In the last few years, another legend cropped up here in Atlanta.  Half superheroine fantasy, half Doctor Who. An elusive 'iron maiden' who evaporates evidence--important witnesses seem...mindwiped?'s late at night.  The nine-to-five 'normals'--the Nicotine Nazis--are asleep.  Join me, Nikki Timmons--queen of niteowls--empress of insomniacs--as we chase down--Mindmistress.



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