Nikki: Welcoming back investigative reporter Kory Neese--with information about this supposed mysterywoman. Kory: This is a composite picture from a dozen sources. Nikki: Form-fitting armor? Some kind of crazy staff? Riiiight.Kory: Exactly.  Witnesses include a TV-report and his cameraman.  Numerous criminals.  Some ex-Lyons Power  employees-- Nikki: Wait. A TV-Reporter?  Was it filmed?  Kory: It was live. The TV-reporter and cameraman saw her...

Kory: Yet despite it being a hostage situation--nothing went out on the networks.  My NSA contacts have files on her. She's rumored to have caused Mimir Institute's reorganization.  Nikki: So..anyway...Nikki: ...What's she supposed to be?  Kory: Beyond brilliant.  Linked to an online 'Mindmistress' delivering devastating refutations of scientific papers in a dozen fields. Plus weaponry centuries advanced over ours.  Nikki: Supposedly.



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