Vicki: Any luck, Boss?  Mindmistress: None.  More and more mysterious... Vicki: Couldn't a laser cut through it?  Mindmistress: Doubt it. If its protons reassemble, it might not do any good..besides, Vicki...Mindmistress: I might be destroying some irreplaceable treasure--immeasurably older than the pyramids. Destruction should be the last resort.  Vicki: Then what--? Mindmistress: my next step would be to consult Ringo... Vicki: Look!!

Mindmistress: Unhh! Opening--? Could that hair of Smith's activated it?  Did it need--a biological sample--?Mindmistress: This may have been sealed for decades--opened by the Q'Arth...or--given its age--this box may not have opened--since before the Big Bang!



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