Smith: Well! I was beginning to think we'd never meet again.  Mindmistress: Hardly, Smith.  You've mastered the properties of many exotic elements--now I want you to examine--this sealed box.Smith: Where did you get this?  Mindmistress: That--is a long story.  Smith: No doubt.  Strictly speaking--this isn't traditional matter at all. There are some exotic particles comprising its...'atoms'.

It's the step beyond nanotechnology. Picotechnology--femtotechnology--reshaping the components of atms--with particles of light!  Forming new types of matter--with unheard-of properties. Customized.Smith: This--central diamong on top?  One of my loose hairs fell on it--I heard something--click. Mindmistress: Probably nothing.  Thanks, Smith. You're expert on researching unknown elements or matter.



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