Mindmistress: Vicki! Out! I think it's drawing data from you... Vicki:  Gone, Boss. Baby: 'It'? Mindmistress: Who are you?  Did you use Smith's hair as a genetic sample--to grow your current body?  Baby: Bingo.Mindmistress: Why a baby? Baby: What's less threatening then the infant of the species?  Yet--what's better equipped to learn new environments than a baby?  Mindmistress: Clever. Seriously creepy, though.  Baby: Creepy? Moi?

Baby: But this is a pocket dimension of your devising--correct?  I can sense the larger reality you're cut off from--I prefer my realities--natural. Mindmistress: Wait! What are you--?Mindmistress:  Whoa!  Lorelei's apartment.  You didn't destroy--?  Baby: No!  Your pocket dimension's fine. I just prefer a 'natural' reality--the way some people prefer fresh air to air conditioning. Mindmistress: Uh...right.



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