Mindmistress: You're a...product of Crossoverseer technology?  Made to study realities, perhaps?  What do I call you?  Baby: Boxer seems appropriate, don't you think?  As for your questions--yes and no.Baby: I explore realities--catalog is denizens. Sometimes guide worthier ones to higher truths. But the Crossoverseers and I are both creations. They were devised to keep the realities separate.

Mindmistress: Created?  By who? Baby:  Did the Crossoverseer you knew -- Mindmistress: Ringo. Baby: Did he mention the Firstverse? Mindmistress: Yes. Several times. Baby: The Firstverse created both the Crossoverseers--and myself. Mindmistress: So you're...artificial? Androids?Baby: At our level--the dicstinction between 'natural' and 'artificial' is practically meaningless. Mindmistress: Your--vocabulary--where'd you learn English?  Baby: Information gatherer, remember?  Radio. Television waves. Broadband.  I'm bathing in--information.



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