Victim: Why? Why did you stop them? They're the law! We'll get in trouble... Mindmistress: Those welts... Nikki: Brainwashed. Enslaved--by their versions of your crazy staff! You must be so proud...Mindmistress: I developed effective tools to subdue opponents. Nonviolent. Versatile. Yet used excessively--unscrupulously--it could negate people's free will. Make them willing sheep led to the slaughter. A tyrant's dream.

Nikki: So it's okay--if you do it.  Mindmistress: You've seen what happens when others use it-- Nikki: You shouldn't have developed-- Mindmistress: Deny my insights? Shackle my mind, instead? Nikki: --Did this happen? It all happened with an announcement from an 'angelic being--promising gifts that would change the world. I found a TV special detailing these...revelations.



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