Soldier: Who're you, lady?  We have this under contorl--no need for reinforcemURGGHH!! Mindmistress: Our armor's equal--but I designed it.  I know its weak points--hit the neck brace's juncture there--Soldier2: Rogue! Overwhelm herrrrr... Mindmistress: You've got the same velocity-redirection-field I do. Know what happens when they intersect? Their effects're squared. Bloodflow slows. My hand's falling 'asleep'--so's your head!

Mindmistress: Sharp impact to central nexus for motor control on side of helmet-- Soldier3: What--? Can't control my movements--spazzing out-- Mindmistress: That's the idea. Nikki (Caption): They should've been equal. In practice? Forget it.Nikki: So...parallel world, huh? Boxer: Yep. Nikki: Her tech's everywhere? Boxer: Pretty much. Nikki: Is your box floating in mid-air? Boxer: Obviously. Nikki: Well, she's a competent delusion, at least. WishI could wake up.



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