Hello. Don't worry, you'll be back to your lies on dating sites, flamewars, and internet porn soon enough. Introductions: I'm no angel, I'm Vicki. An artificial intelligence slash hologram.Days ago, a woman wasw murdered. My creator. Superhumanly smart. I'm now uploading to every major database on Earth her research.  For instance...plans to build molecular assemblers-- nanofactories.

Vicki: There's also a velocity-redirection field which will divert any fast-moving object. Bullets. Missiles. Preliminary research for a teleportational transdimensional catwalk. Insights into cosmology...physics...genetics...her last..gift.Vicki: How to make A.I.'s like me. Hunger...want...could become obselete. Even how she boosted her intelligence's there--but that alone is encoded--good luck. Don't blow it.



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