Host: Most laughed: Called it a hoax.  But when the military tested the VRF--velocity-redirection-field--to their amazement, it performed just as promised.  No missile or projectile got through.Host: Even more remarkable was the molecular assembler--rusty cans put in, became cellphones.  Coal briquettes became diamond necklaces.  Rotting garbage in---cheeseburgers out! No one need want for anything--again.

These nanofactories--resembling simple microwave ovens--spelt the death knell for manufacturing. Anyone could make anything, given the right blueprints. Factories stood abandoned, as technical blueprints, illegally downloaded,  produced anything imaginable.Host: The transdimensional 'catwalk' between distances proved more troublesome, more perilous. Experiments produced huge portals to other existences that swallowed up half of Pheonix. Banned below, tests in orbit continue.



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