Mindmistress: Troy? Troy? Look at me, please...please?  Give me some sign you want to communicate.  Instead of just creating--and solving--nine-dimensional mazes on the computer?Lyons2: Troy as a green-eyed redhead. So strange... Mindmistress: Hair and eye color shifts are a side-effect of the Lyons-Burns process. But...it didn't help.  He now creates nine-dimensional non-Euclidean puzzles...

Mindmistress: But he still won't--can't? communicate.  Troy's ability to visualize spatial relationships probably far exceeds mine...now. But he's still locked in his severely autistic, non-verbal prison. No miracle cure.Well...at least now I know. I never tried this with 'my' Troy--and then he died. Senselessly.  Horribly.  'Your' Troy was a second chance--I had to try.'



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