Nikki2: Look no offense-- because you are me--but talking to my relfection's--starting to creep me out. I want to call a friend--privately.  Nikki: Sure. I'll be with Box-boy.Kory Neese2: Nikki!  I'm at the New Rennaissance/Art Conference... Artist: You see, Miss Neese--with the new technology--I've replicated Picasso

Artist: How do artists not starve in such a world?  Kory2: I'm more concerned how paramilitary gorups--like the young Aryans outside--create state-of-the-art weaponry out of junk.Kory2: These days--murder rates've tripled-- Nikki2: Kory... Kory2: You can turn rainwater into Sarin gas. Nikki2: Kory... Kory2: Police face gangs armed with missile launchers.  Nikki2: Kory, shut up!  Listen...look up 'Koschei's eraser.'



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