Mindmistress: Thanks for the world tour... Frost: No problem. Your 'catwalk' makes it easy... Mindmistress: Psyche-staffs 'reforming' terrorists?  Is that...legal? Interrogator: Telle me more of your planned attacks on the Taj Hotel in Mumbai.Frost: Your molecular assemblers make oil--out of trash.  The wealthiest Middle Eastern nations suffered worst in this world-wide economic crash. Mindmistress: Global warming? Minton2: More carbon emissions--oil's as cheap as water.

Mindmistress: So this shipyard's abandoned--?  Frost: When 'your' molecular assemblers make anything imaginable, trade becomes margincal... Minton2: Unless you're trading ideas...plans...diagrams. Mindmistress: Sailors...dock workers...merchants...unemployed. All rendered obsolete.Frost: The transportation industry--has dwindled down to almost nothing.  You can make almost anything--without having it delivered to you. Mindmistress: Stores? Retail? Minton2: Dying a slow death. Mindmistress: Abundence and unemployment.



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