Perry Timmons2: I want Miss Neese to have the best care. I'll foot the medical bills--just as I donated the Perry Timmons wing of this hospital. Hospital Administrator: Your generosity's appreciated, Mister Timmons.Timmons2: Kory Neese is one of our best investigative reporters. She's worked for both me--and my daughter. The least I can do is--what's she saying?  Doctor: She's delirious, sir--

Kory Neese2:*Hack* *Cough* Viruses--forming grenades--Nikki said--Cyberphim blocking 'Koschei's Eraser'. Even they can't reach my off-line database--*Cough* Could end--everything. A diagram--for the end of days. *Hack*Timmons2: A diagram for--? I need a private room--a molecular assembler. Doctor: Right away, sir. Timmons2: My men've already collected her off-line files--she wanted her sources--protected. 'Koschei's Eraser'? Delusion? Maybe.



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