Timmons2: Put away that cellphone, Frost. Frost: Done. Timmons, I put you, Lyons, and Minton in that safe house--after riots killed Troy's parents-- Timmons2: Because we're valued allies to the White House.Timmons2: You sheltered my daughter--Lyon's charge, Troy, too.  I'm grateful--but this has to happen. Nikki1: D-Dad? Frost:You're threatening everyone--even your daughter. Nikki: Your father's voice--Frost's--on the PA?

Frost: When your doomsday device pops out of the molecular assembler, Timmons--it's not if it'll be used--it's when. Lyons2: Timmons? You idiot-- Timmons2: Frost, the Cyberphim could make this anytime!Timmons2: Now--it's like the Cold War's mutually assured destruction--neither side can threaten the other. Vicki2: Timmons? Figures.  Mindmistress: No!! Where are they--? Vicki: Hospital. Five miles away. Mindmistress: Cold war nostalgia.  Unbelievable.



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