Frost: Timmons? What's so important? Timmons2: A device called 'Koschei's Eraser'.  Frost: What? What have you heard? Timmons: Ah. So you're aware it's the ultimate weapon? Frost: Ultimate...weapon? Only if you're contemplating coscoscide.Timmons2: Ever read Dune? Frost: Yes. I'm surprised you have, though. Timmons2: 'The power to destroy a thing is the absolute control over it,' Herbert said. Don't call for help, Frost. Frost: ...Very well.

Frost: 'Control'. You'd make yourself...ruler? Over...everybody? Timmons2: Temporarily.  Reluctantly.  The America I loved is...slipping away. Like sand..seeping through fingers. Terrorism. Illigal immigants. Economic chaos. Emergency measures are needed.Timmons2: Once America's secure--our way of life safe--I'll turn the weapon I'm creating--over to President Cheney. Frost: Timmons--don't create this. One use, and-- Timmons2: Too late.



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