Mindmistress: I don't believe you did that--I don't believe you did that-- Lyons2: So...we're not all going to die?  Mindmistress: Thousands died--but Troy saved the rest of us--everywhere!Nikki2: Dad's dead--Kory's dead--Frost's dead--can't wrap my mind around--my father--well-meaning mass murderer--by accident. Nikki: Hey, i-it'll be okay. Nikki2: No. No. It'll never be okay again.

Mindmistress: Vicki. That house's molecular assembler has a preprogrammed diagram for making this...artifact. Could you--? Vicki: Copy the diagram? Make a 'virus' that would create thousands more? Piece of cake.Boxer: Okay, ladies--time to go!  Nikki: Bravo, Boxer! It takes a lot of chutzpah to abandon all this..devastation. Mindmistress: Leave? But we can't leave-- Boxer: No desbate. Make your goodbyes.



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