Mindmistress: Minton--Vicki and her cyberphim'll produce thousands of Troy's protective devices.  You need to make sure every major city--strategic center--has one. Vicki: Protection against any repeats. Minton: Troy?--saved us?Minton: Could he create...other devices?  Mindmistress: Not any more. ...Oh. That's why he changed back...threw the locket away.  He wasn't rejecting me...just life as a government guinea pig.

Mindmistress: Take care of Troy...and yourself, Lyons. Lyons2: There's another...me?  Where you're from? Mindmistress: Yes. Lyons2: Does he know? Mindmistress: No. Lyons2: Probably just as well. Let him cherish Lorelei-- without getting greedy.Nikki: Look-- w-we've gotta go... Nikki2: Good. Go back in the mirror. Let Clarence win his wings. Go back to might-have-been land. That way you can't mock me--by existing.

Nikki: Great. We accomplished exactly nothing. Boxer: Not true. They'd have destroyed everyting--when they discovered that file. Now they have a defense. Damage'll be localized. Mindmistress: Thousands died. Boxer: Billions lived.



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