Nikki: We're back. My apartment. How did she know? Mindmistress: Something...someone...as ancient...as powerful as that?  She downloaded all of Boxer's intel. The sky's the limit. Literally.What? According to this clock...I've only been gone for ten minutes! Oh.  I get it. It's like in those Narnia books.  Time doesn't flow the same.

Mindmistress: Exactly. And since we visited that other reality through Boxer's power...I have no idea where in the multiverse that other reality is...where T-Troy is. ...Or the Firstverse.Nikki: Troy. Lyons.  What'd you talk about..? So...let me guess. You mindwipe me and make me forget this ever happened, right? Mindmistress: No.  It isn't necessary. You won't tell.  Nikki: Huh?? Why??



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