Mindmistress: So...you create universes--abandon them--let them struggle and perhaps die--when you could help them--guide them--save them from their own mistakes!  Nikki: Careful...don't get her angry...Firstverse: And you? You just visited a reality where 'your' advances overwhelmed it--almost destroyed it.  Think how much my quintillion-year-old insights would overwhelm any society. Shattering original viewpoints.

Mindmistress: Point...granted. Question: Your existence explains why other universes have the right constants to evolve intelligence--but doesn't explain--you.  What fine-tuned your constants? Chance? Only possible naturally-occuring configuration? Design?Firstverse:I don't know. I'ts a mystery. I'm not all-knowing.  That's why I'm letting other universes develop fresh insights--original answers. Go home, little beings. With my love...and hope. Nikki: Wait...



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