Mindmistress: Ready? I see you have your cross-continuum suit on---  Therthes: My 'anywear'? ---Typical woman. You don't love me, you love where I can take you--- Mindmistress: Well, I do admire your ability to gain entry---anywhere.Therthes: Hold my hand...we're off.  Mindmistress: Faster even than my 'catwalk'---one step and we're on the artificial ring circling the world that the skyhook goes to--and the council chambers on it.  No wonder the press called you 'Ambassador to Anywhere.'

Lord Forceful (Zeammon): Sophia. I should have known you'd be in Therthes' company. The wise...with the clever.  Mindmistress: He amuses me. Therthes: She delights me, sir... Mindmistress: Oh, you're just saying that because he could flash-fry you...Mindmistress: Ahhh...the Photon Prince! Congratulations, Horollo! How do you like being a light-wave entity...instead of an artificial intelligence? Bastermis: My 'brother'.. Horollo (the Photon Prince): It's glorious...I can travel at light speed---I feel so free...I an go anywhere, wander the spectrum...why my 'sister' A.I. chose to be incarnated as a human, I'll never understand.

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