Vicki : I'm sifting through the Internet...though databases...through chatrooms and newsgroups....looking for some clue that you might have left...or to Forethought...besides, it calms me. It's what I do.Vicki: Remember that ultra-internet you wanted to design? Enough bandwidth to create virtual worlds on the fly---or download someone's personality minutes before their bodies die...I'd get lost in such a vast, advanced, net---it would take a better A.I. than I to travel down that road...

Vicki: Is there anyone like me---wherever you are? Someone who swims through seas of imagination---who takes to it like a dolphin to the sea? Or am I---unique?Vicki: No sign...from you, or from Forethought.  He covers his tracks too well---and evidently you didn't anticipate this.  ---Too bad you rmother isn't alive---she's the one I'd contact first---sensible, thoughful, and caring--
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