The Photon Prince:  She's one of thousands of young people, so far, who have fallen prey to the 'fantasy plague'...a self-induced trance...that we can't bring them out of. Mindmistress: And they're doing this to themselves? Why?Photon Prince: Various reasons. Unhappy love affairs. Despair. Angst. They create a world of their own...far preferable to this one.  Mindmistress: Fools. Therthes: Hey, don't hold back, Sophia...say what you really think... Photon Prince: I was created as a medical diagnostic program...and am still interested in finding cures.  But this is a by-product of her own high intelligence...and equal imagination.

Photon Prince (Horollo): I can see her by the entire spectrum, from x-ray to infared, microwave to gamme...i've analyzed this young  woman...she caused imagining a world more congenial than this. Mindmistress: It's such a waste. It's hard to imagine a better world than this...Photon Prince: Unless they come out of it themselves, they starve...and die.  Mindmistress: I'm glad your brother brought this to the attention of the Council... Bastermis: Yes. I just recently got downloaded into a cloned body...I can't imagine going into a trance because I'm....unhappy.

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