Vicki (Caption) : Okay.  I had had enough; I went wandering the cyberspaces, sending Osama Bin Ladin a seperate email 'signed' by every victim of  9-11; I call it anti-terrorist spam. Yeah, I know where he is...on the Internet, anyway. Meanwhile, my brillant boss is lost in a world of her own making..Vicki (Caption): Of course, I can monitor her from here.  She's my maker, my boss, my creator, and my friend. I hate being help.

Vicki: (Caption) This is a ridiculous way for the most brilland human mind alive to end...trapped in an imagination as large, as superior, as her intellect.Vicki(Caption): There's gotta be some way to save her...without compromising her secrets.
Click on the eye above, in the last panel.


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