Therthes: Zeammon, my Liegelord Forceful...Isera, my Liegelady...Horollo, the Photon Prince...his 'sister, the lady Bastermis, both of whom speak for the A.I.s among us...and of course...Sophia, lady of knowledge and adviser supreme...and other honored members of the Command Council...Therthes: As instructed, as Herald and Ambassador Extraordinary of the Command Council...I concluded a treaty with the Taur'sen Empire...established a trading treaty with the five galaxies of the Tir'Saat...and I opened diplomatic relations with the Nimfawwn Cluster...

Therthes: But on the way back, I stopped to get my bearings... Isera: And--?  Therthes: Dropping out of teleport, I found something...ominous.  Zeammon (Lord Forceful): Go on---Therthes:  There was a huge shadowy being striding the stars...larger than suns, eyes that glowed like indandescent nebulae...and its stride seemed to be aiming it at Athea's system. I saw him several times as I dropped out of teleport...each time smaller, but as if he too were travelling many times light speed...towards us.

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