Vicki :Maybe this is some sort of plan of yours...maybe you gave yourself some sort of post-hypnotic suggestion...after all, if you sit too long, bodily functions---hunger, thirst, going to the bathroom--become paramount. Sooner or later, the body's needs assert themselves....Vicki: Wait a minute---the telltales in your armor tell me---your heartbeat's speeding up---so is your breathing---your whole body is on the verge of that why you 'left' reality---to have a... 'good time'?

Vicki: Of course...I can't judge. Literally.  I don't even begin to understand the urges...I can't comprehend the needs of the flesh...but you never needed it...before.  Can you only find it in fantasy...?Vicki: ....And what can I do...what can anyone compete with that? If you can only fantasy...what can we do to lure you back?
Click on the eye above, in the last panel.


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