Lorelei: 'Scuse me? Seen an orange-and-white tabby wanderin' 'round? Hector: The one that kid takes with him everywhere? No. We're dog lovers. Tell me somethin'--why does that kid--?Lorelei: Squirt the mailboxes? He just...likes to. Tercero's..'special'. Hector: From that home for 'special' people down the street. You live there? Tercero: Gato? Lorelei: I used to. Now I just visit.

Lorelei: Working in a pet store, living on my own.  Hector: Pet store, huh?  Good with animals? Here, come out of the rain.  Lorelei: Thanks! Hector: I've got a special pet to show you--Hector: Back in my bedroom. Ever hear of a--trousersnake?  Lorelei: I---I--I-- Hector: Yes? Lorelei: --Think I'll just wait out here, thanks. Hector: *Sigh* Pretty and stupid--but just not stupid enough. Figures.

Hector: Ahhhh, I wouldn't have really done anything--probably.  I yearn for the good ol' days when the mentally deficient were kept in hospitals and asylums--away from decent people. P.C.'s not me.



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