Dr. Prudence Lyons: Our research gorup was dispersed, and only I, as the project head, had all the notes...the one working model. Now darling, I love you as you are...and would never want to endanger you. But I thinkyou should make decisions, not decide for you... Prudence Lyons: The locket I gave  you, is a miniature device--turn the owl sideways, and a field will fill the immediate area...and may increase the wearer's brain power 10 to 20 times. But it will kill them, in 2 weeks.  Unless they figure out a cure--in two weeks.

Lorelei (caption): Jurnal: So Mom gave me a way to becum a super-smart woman--if I want to gambul I can solv sumthing even Mom culdnt solv--in 2 weeks.  Or loos my life in the gambul.  Well...the ansur's pretty simpul. Mo. I'm happy to be me...and it wuld be stupid to die--just to b..smart.Lorelei: After all, I may be 'special' or 'slow'--a 'retard' or 'mentally challenged'--dum, stupid, or 'brain-damaged'...yet--1 thing I'm not--that I've never been---is--krazy!

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