Lorelei (caption): Six motnhs latur, we were cumn back from an A.R.C. rip with the members of the groop home I used to live at. The groop home is in the cuntry and my frinds from the groop home were droped off first--and me and carl, an aqtiskik kid, were driven back to the city. Caption: A.R.C....the association for retarded citizens. Does a lot of good work.Lorelei (caption): Mr. Palance was a retired bus drivur. He had always been glad 2 give us riids to own rips. His dawter was in the groop home, and he always made tiim for us. This trip to the akwarium wuldn't have hapened withowt him.

Lorelei (caption): ...Until he had a hart attack on a lonly cuntry rode...Lorelei (caption):...With him still holding the weel...and us two still in the bus.