Kori: Nikki--all those witnesses---corroborating-- Nikki: Kori--none of them saw anything themselves. It's a loopy rumor gone wild--nothing more.  I'm down to my last pack--let's stop here.Kori: Isn't it odd they all talk of a silver-armored brunette miracleworker? Nikki: Sure. But what's odder--a crazy rumor spreading--or a transhuman superhuman supergenius being true? Kori: Where there's smoke...

Kori: She makes a fascinating talk show topic, anyway. Nikki: Nothing my father would be jealous of... Kori: Yeah, must be tough, being the daughter of Cable TV's most-watched pundit.. Nikki: Kori. Shut. up.Nikki: So my Mom finally came out--left my Dad--but her partner--didn't want kids. So Dad raised me--alone.  Kori: He want you doing talk radio? Nikki: Hah! No way!



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