Vicki: So Nikki Timmons--- Mindmistress: It'll pass, Vicki.  My snide neighbour can't even convince herself.  I've more important concerns--this box.  This analytic cabinet--gave me unbelievable results.  Vicki: Yeah?  Like what?Mindmistress: It has an unknown field...that reforms decayed protons. Vicki: Oh. done so twenty times. You haven't the faintest idea why that's important, do you? Vicki: Haven't a clue.

Mindmistress: Protons decay into positrons and mesons...eventually.  In ten trillion trillion trillion years, all matter will..dissovle. This box has dissolved...and reformed...twenty times. Vicki: But the universe's only...Mindmistress: ...Fourteen billion years old?  Right.  This artifact is immensely older than the universe.  Six hundred trillion trillion times the age of the cosmos.  Vicki:  Mindmistress: I don't know...yet.



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