Nikki: Opening up the lines for you to call in... Caller1: I was on the jury--Wolfgang March's trial. Nikki: Bloodlust.  Caller1: He testified of a silver-armored woman with...hyper-hypnotic abilities.  Nikki: Insanity defense?Nikki: You're on the air-- Caller2: I was a nurse for supermodel May Duran--she developed a horrible condition--blamed a silver-armored woman--appearing from a hole--in mid-air. Nikki: Hole?  Oh-kay.

Caller3: I'm a police sketch artist--hired by Ezekiel Lyons to develop a sketch based on both his--and his kidnappers' descriptions. Nikki: I'm guessing--silver-armored brunette? Caller3: Crazy, huh? Nikki: Very.Vicki: Rusty?  Rusty: Vicki, you monitor thousands of podcasts and forums and who-knows-how-many tweets...but nighttime talk radio?  Vicki: Nikki Timmons' outing the Boss.  She podcasts.  Rusty: ...Right.  Sarcastically. Sceptically. Self-sabotagingly.



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