Lyons: Appreciate the luncheon, Perry. We've been friends--how long? Perry Timmons:  Fifteen years. Lyons power was one of my first sponsors. And now?  We're both at the top of our game.Perry: Fifteen years ago, Linda left me--leaving me to raise Nikki alone. Lyons: It's tough. After my wife, Prudence, died--a father raising a young girl?  It's scary. Perry: Crazy scary.

Perry: You know, we've never met each others' daughers? Lyons: For a while, Lorelei boarded in a 'special' home.  Perry: Some fancy European school? Lyons: Not eactly... Perry: Nikki went through an antisocial phase...Lyons: Now she's a radio talk show host.  Like father, like daughter. Perry: This is Lorelei, Zeke? We're lucky--both with two lovely daughters. Lorelei: D-Daddy?  Nikki: Mr. Lyons. Lorelei. Same last name. D'Oh!



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