Perry Timmons:  You ever watch me? Lorelei: Uh..I'm watching you now. Perry: Hah! Zeke, she's delightful!  My TV show, dear. Are you familiar with...? Lorelei: Not really... Perry: I do political commentary.  Lorelei: That's...nice?Nikki: She has no idea who Rush, Glenn Beck, or Bill O'Reilly are, either.  Lorelei: Who?  Nikki: We're neighbours. She's 'special' in special education..Special Olympics.  Nikki:Well...yeah...Special Olympics swimming champ!

Nikki: But the reason I had my father ask Mr. Lyons here--I have a question about his story of...Mindmistress. Lorelei: What?? Perry: Who? Nikki: Mr. were the first to report her appearance...Nikki: I just want to know...did you really see such a person..or are you covering something else up about your kidnapping? Lorelei: Daddy wouldn't lie.  Perry: Nikki, you'll regret this.  Lyons: Miss Timmons...



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