Lyons: --If I started the Mindmistress 'rumor' to hide something--it would be idiotic to admit it to a broadcast celebrity--no matter how obscure.  If Mindmistress really existed, I'd deny it--Lyons: While doing everything in my power to capture her--spread the technology she's hiding.  Perry: Question: technology?  What kind of...? Nikki: Mind-contorl and illusions. Teleportation nd force pipe dreams.

Nikki: Besides, if she does exist--she holds us in contempt--too stupid to not harm ourselves with her 'advances'. Like we're retar--uh., moro--well... Lorelei: She--she does?   Nikki: You can relate.Lyons: Insulting--but true. She regards us like we do chimps. If a scientist hid from mankind developements that'd help millions-- Lorelei: They'd be a...bad guy?  Lyons: Exactly. Arrogantly denying us wonders.  Lorelei: Eep.



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